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Have your car washed valeted detailed machine polished ceramic coated without even leaving your house!

CW Valet & Detail are a mobile hand car wash, valeting and detailing service based in Great Bookham, servicing homes and businesses in and around Mole Valley


Exterior Only

£ 16-35
  • Basic Wash
  • Waterless Wash
  • Premium Wash
All of our Washes include exterior cleaning only.


Exterior and Interior

£ 25-70
  • Baby Valet
  • Basic Valet
  • Premium Valet
All of our Valets include both interior and exterior cleaning.
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Exterior, Interior, or Both

£ 60+
  • Exterior Detail
  • Interior Detail
  • Combined Detail
Our detailing services can include exterior only, interior only, or both

Why choose CW Valet & Detail?

Don't sit in a queue!

Your time is valuable, we come to you to save you time and hassle. You don’t even need to leave your house!

car wheel with water drops.

What is car care?

Car care is more than just keeping your car looking shiny for the school run or the office car park! Keeping your car clean and protected is essential for your car to stay in good condition. 

Failure to clean and protect your car regularly will result in damage to the lacquer (the clear protective coating over the paint), making that protective gloss finish weaker and more susceptable to sun damage, stone chips and scratching. If the laqcuer comes away then water and dirt can get underneath and cause peeling and the formation of rust under the paint.

Rust is especially common to find on wheels which are bombarded with dirt from the road and brake dust from the brakes. This dirt and brake dust can build up and cause severe peeling of lacquer and paint, and can cause large rust patches to form which result in the entire wheel needing to be refurbished or replaced!

Neglected cars have an excessive build up of moss and algae which tends to concentrate around the windows and cracks between panels. This causes any rubber trim to perish and disintegrate and also can cause scratching of the paintwork when washing the vehicle.

On the inside of your car it is a little bit different. In this enclosed environment, contaminents can cause smells, damp and mold to form. This isn’t only unpleasant but can even cause illness if you spend a lot of your time in a contaminated vehicle!

Our recommendation is to have your car washed (exterior) at least once every 3-4 weeks and valeted (exterior and interior) at least once every 6-8 weeks. This ensures your car stays in great condition!

Why us?

Car care is our passion at CW Valet & Detail. We only use products we would use on our own cars to ensure you get the best quality possible!

CW operate a fully mobile car cleaning service. This means when you book any of our services we come to you and clean your car without you even leaving your house! No driving, no queuing, no hassle!

This first and most important of the products we use is our vehicle shampoo. We use a variety of different shampoos depending on the service, but all of them are ‘high lubricity’ which means they act as a buffer between the dirt and your paintwork, reducing the chance of scratching.

After we have washed the car we apply a synthetic spray sealant to the paintwork, windows and wheels which creates an extra barrier of protection. We have numerous other options when it comes to protecting your paint including waxes, sealants and the ultimate protection; ceramic coating which can protect your car for up to a year!

Even if your car has been neglected in the past, we can use our expertise to restore it to almost new condition! We can use our polishing machine and our (up to) five stages of polishing compounds to remove scratches and restore the shine to your car’s paintwork. We also use a dedicated plastic polishing compound to restore your headlights which can improve visibility at night, and can even help your car pass its MOT as excessively cloudy headlights can cause an automatic fail.

At CW, we offer a variety of services to fit your budget and requirements so you can choose the best option for you and your car. From washing (exterior only) to valeting (exterior and interior) and detailing (in depth cleaning), there’s an option that works for everyone!

The service we offer is tailormade to your vehicle and with over 6 years of experience we can advise you as to exactly what your car needs to be kept in the best condition it can be!


Our Area

We cover the following areas:

Locations not included on this list may include an additional fee, please contact us if you are outside these areas.


Our Hours

Due to the nature of the service we provide, our working times vary depending on the time of year.


Monday to Friday

9am to 6pm


Monday to Friday

10am to 3pm

As we are working outside, unfortunately there will be times where the weather is not on our side.

In the event of unfavourable weather conditions we will contact you and arrange a suitable solution.